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9th Jun 2014

In my recent trip back to Japan, I visited some knife makers. As a knife geek, it is always great to catch up with the makers and see hundreds of knives. In Japan, knife craftsmen are strugg … read more

Sushi or Bait?

22nd Apr 2014

I recently made sushi for an occasion.When making sushi, especially away from Japan where sushi is originated, the hardest thing is to organize ingredients.You can buy sashimi quality Tuna, Snapper an … read more


1st Apr 2014

There are hundreds of knives from different makers available in the global market these days.It must be hard for user to decide what type of knife from which maker to choose from.Looks? Feel in your h … read more


10th Mar 2014

Sometimes my customers wonder if I ever mistaken knives and mix up with someone else's.Fortunately, these errors have never happened so far.When I sharpen knives, I go through a butch in one go.That's … read more

New line up

26th Feb 2014

KIKUMITU SANTOKU Hammered Finish Stainless Steel 170mmWe are glad to introduce our new line up KIKUMITSU.KIKUMITSU is a small artisan knife maker from Chiba, just an hour or so east of Tokyo by trai … read more

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