gokoo-logo.jpgGokoo is a small artisan blacksmith in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo.   Gokoo is one of the only few makers that does all the process of knife making from forging to handle making onsite.  Knife smith Mr Yoshito Yamakawa's works are officially designated "Japan Traditional Crafts" by Ministry of Economy. 
Knives from Gokoo are also listed as Chiba prefecture's traditional crafts too. 

In the past from Edo era to the post WWⅡ, there were many skilled blacksmiths in the region, however, other areas like Seki or Sanjo started manufacturing knives with bigger set ups to supply more for cheaper, market has shifted too and as a result, many local knife makers decided to close their business. 
Gokoo has gained high reputation especially in the industry by followng the traditional methods of knife making specially developed in the region.  Beautifully rustic knives have gone through 30 different steps until finish and each knife has slightly different looks which you can only see in handcrafted knives.

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