Sujihiki - Slicing knife

There are two types of Japanese slicing knives in general called Sujihiki and sashimi knife.
A Sujihiki has thin double bevel with western style handle and is originally designed for butchers cleaning meat.  
Because of thin, skinny shape of the blade, Sujihiki is now used in many industries and even households for purposes like skinning fish, portioning or slicing smoked salmon etc,
Sashimi knives have a few different shapes with different names but are all one side edge and hollow concave on the other side. 
While Sujihiki can handle some boning tasks, Sashimi knives are purely made and sharpened thin for slicing loins of fish or meat.
All our knives are hand sharpened prior to shipping ready for you to experience the superior sharpness.  
For both Sujihiki slicer and Sashimi knife, 240mm is ideal for home use and 270 or longer for professionals.

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