Yosimitu Sashimi Knife Kurouchi Carbon Steel 240mm

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Yosimitu Sashimi  Knife Kurouchi Carbon Steel 240mm

Double bevel Sashimi knife from Yosimitu Kajiya.

These beautifully hand forged double beveled sashimi knives are light and are easy to handle even if you are new to slicing sashimi and not familiar with single bevel knives.

As these have double bevels, they can be used as Sujihiki for trimming sinews and skins ( not for boning ) or carving. 

The skinny, thin blade is great for slicing raw fish loins in one swish and the tip can be used for delicate work.

This light weight knife has a sleek outline with thin blade profile and relatively small handle makes it a perfect knife if you like a compact feel in your hand.

The core White 2 steel ( Shiro #2 ) is a Japanese high carbon steel with a great sharpness, clad with soft iron to gain shock resistance and the octagonal Walnut handle sits very comfortably in your hand.
These sashimi knives are double beveled and can be used by both hands.

Yosimitu Kajiya is a local blacksmith from Nagasaki prefecture in Kyushu region Japan and the blade smith Ide san forges amazing kitchen knives using traditional methods.
Each knife is hand-sharpened at here prior to dispatch for superior sharpness out of box and free shipping Aus-wide.

Please note that knives made from high carbon steel can rust if not maintained properly.
These knives are not designed to cut frozen food, bones or extremely hard / fibrous ingredients like hard cheese rind, Lemongrass or Galangal.  
These are handcrafted knives and the size, colour or look may differ from knife to knife.

Total Length 385mm
Blade Length 240mm
Blade Width 32mm
Blade Thickness 3.5mm
Weight 140g
Handle Length 135mm
Blade Materials White2 / Soft Iron
Handle Materials Walnut/Pakkawood ferrule
HRC 60-62

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