Yanagiba - Sashimi Knife

Sashimi knife is a long, thin and skinny knife for slicing sashimi.
There are a few different shapes with different names but all have one large side of edge and hollow concave on the other side for extra sharpness.
Sashimi knives are purely made for slicing loins of fish or meat and with a sharp sashimi knife, experienced Japanese chefs slice paper thin sashimi.
Yanagiba is the most popular type with thin pointy tip ( Willow leaf shape ).
Fuguhiki is even thinner and skinnier than Yanagiba and is designed for slicing Fugu ( Puffer fish ).
Takohiki ( or some people call them Takobiki ) has square nose and straight edge line often used in Tokyo area.
Sakimaru Takohiki has a tip pointing up and has wider blade surface than Takohiki.  It just looks like Tanto or small sword.
All our knives are hand sharpened prior to shipping ready for you to feel the superior sharpness.
We recommend 240mm for home use and 270mm or longer for professionals.  

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