SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Sashimi Knife 245mm Stainless Steel

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SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki  Sashimi Knife  245mm Stainless Steel


This authentic style Yanagiba sashimi knife was handcrafted by our in-house knife master Masaaki Saito here in Brisbane.

Yanagiba ( Means Willow leaf blade in Japanese ) is a light, thin, single bevel Japanese knife specifically designed to slice sashimi.
These knives have a large face of single edge at one side and a hollow ground at the other side.
This shape is the secret of superior sharpness and the knife flows so effortlessly over the ingredients.

The blade is made of 12C27 stainless steel carefully heat treated,  ground to the right geometry and hand sharpened to perfection.
The Swedish knife steels are known for their fine structures and amazing edge retention.

The D- shaped handle is made of Red Ironbark and Teak sourced from northern NSW.
The polished natural wooden handle is not only look beautiful but also fits in your hand so comfortably.

This knife is for right hand use and the measurement of blade is from the tip to the heel of the knife.

Total Length 410mm
Blade Length 245mm
Blade Width 42mm
Blade Thickness 3.3mm
Total Weight 220g
Handle Length 145mm
Edge Single Bevel for right hand use
Blade Material 12C27 Swedish Stainless Steel
Handle Materials Red Ironbark / Teak Ferrule
HRC                   60

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