SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Sakimaru Takohiki 250mm for Left Hand

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SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki  Sakimaru Takohiki 250mm for Left Hand


This lefty Takohiki knife was handcrafted by our knife master, Masaaki Saito here in Aspley, Brisbane.
This beautiful Takohiki sashimi knife slices loin of seafood like tuna, salmon snapper, you name it for sashimi and sushi as well as beef, lamb and Kangaroo for Carpaccio and Tataki etc.
The name “ Takohiki “ ( Some call these Takobiki ) can be translated as “ Octopus slicer “ although it’s not specifically made for.

Still, you can easily guess how hard it is to slice Octopus thinly but this knife can slice anything on the chopping board with one clean stroke.

The shape of the blade resembles Japanese katana sword or Tanto but this knife has a single bevel with hollow ground ( concave ) at the backside for surgical precision cutting.
This shape of the edge is called “ Kataba “ and is the key for the sharpness of traditional Japanese knives.

The blade is made of 12C27 Swedish stainless steel which is very reliable blade material with great wear resistance and high hardness.

The polished natural wooden handle is made of Teak topped with Rosewood ferrule, both from Northern Rivers NSW.
Teak are traditionally used for boat construction so very tough against the water and polished natural timber handle gives you a very comfortable grip.

Whether you are professional chef or serious home cook, add this knife to your collection and be a sashimi master!

Total Length 405mm
Blade Length 250mm
Blade Width 40mm
Blade Thickness 3.3mm
Weight 245g
Handle Length 145mm
Blade Material 12C27 Stainaless Steel for left handle use
Handle Materials Teak / Rosewood Ferrule, D-shape
HRC 60+

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