GOKOO Kurouchi Bunka 170mm

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GOKOO Kurouchi Bunka 170mm
This traditional style Bunka knife is handcrafted in Chiba Japan.
Bunka is an all-rounder multipurpose short knife with an acute angled tip and wide face of blade typically between 150mm to 200mm in blade length.
This shape is a hybrid of Japanese Nakiri knife and Gyuto chef knife for you to do everything with one knife.
The wide blade gives a good space between the chopping board and your hand so there is no knocking knuckles to the board and also good blade width helps smooth clean cut without force.
This Bunka performs beautifully in slicing fruits & vegetables, meat, fish and anything except bones, frozen food or something very hard.
The thin convex shape of blade is called Hamaguriba which means Clam shell shaped blade in Japanese and is the secret for the superior sharpness and strength of Japanese knives and swords.
This knife has a rustic unpolished “ Kurouchi “ finish then thinly tapered out towards the edge.
The core Shiro ( white ) 1 high carbon steel is a premium Japanese knife steel and is “ Sanmai “ clad with soft iron for shock absorbent. 
White steel is very pure high carbon steel known for its hardness and stays sharp for surprisingly long time.
Finely sharpened carbon steel knife cuts into ingredient pleasantly and gives you great feel with precise cut.
The D- shaped handle is made of burnt Chestnut wood and is very comfortably fits in hand.
Chestnut wood is very light, durable and used to be used for railway pillows because of its toughness.
Please note that this blade is made of high carbon steel and will rust if not cared correctly.
Please wash, dry thoroughly and store in dry area after use.
Grey layer of patina may form over the blade but it is safe, normal and it protects the blade from red rust.
Each knife is handcrafted with love, pride and maybe scratch or hammer mark of the craftsman and due to the nature of handcrafted products, length, weight, colour or shape may slightly differ from knife to knife.
Each knife is hand- sharpened at here prior to shipping for full performance.


Total length 310mm
Blade length 170mm
Blade width 50mm
Blade thickness at heel 3.5mm
Weight 145g
Blade Shiro ( White ) 1 high carbon steel Sanmai clad with soft iron
Handle Burnt Chestnut wood, Plastic Ferrule 125mm
HRC 60

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