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31st Aug 2015

    I love my tools, especially knives. When I was a chef, I used to use many different knives according to the ingredient. Cleaning fish, for instance, there were 270mm Deba just for … read more


28th Jul 2015

      I sharpen an average of 50-60 knives a week and deliver to the customers.When I visit customers, I notice that some people maintain the edge for surprisingly long time while … read more

A Knife Story By Snowy And Ocean Road Magazine

20th Apr 2015

      Our knives and sharpening service were mentioned in the Autumn edition of Ocean Road Magazine, a multiple award winning life style magazine from Gold Coast.Steven Snow … read more

Will this be your new knife?

10th Mar 2015

Gokoo Nakiri Tsuchime 165mm Carbon steel cladded in stainless $230Masaaki and SAITO KNIVES are glad to introduce the new Nakiri ( Vegetable knife ) from Gokoo.Nakiri translates to " Vegetable cutter " … read more


20th Nov 2014

        Since I have started sharpening as a part of business in 2007, I have sharpened almost 10,000 knives. Because I do hand sharpening with whet stones spending 40~50 mi … read more

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