12th Sep 2016


There are many different ways and methods of making Japanese knives.

Many large companies use modern technology and computer programmed machines to manufacture knives.

Our knives, however, are made by small artisan craftsmen using traditional tools and methods that have been handed down generations.Traditional knife making is time-consuming and not profitable at all.Making of a knife involves roughly 30 to 40 little steps.

We are very proud to have strong relationships with some of the best craftsmen who follow traditional knife making methods.

Gokoo is definitely one of our favourite knife craftsmanships and the smith Mr Yamakawa’s works are listed on Chiba Prefectural Traditional Crafts.

What’s special about Gokoo is that all steps are done on site mainly by Mr Yamakawa.

Most makers nowadays divide works and get them done at other factories like forging in one place, then grinding and handle assembling in other factories etc.

Temperature is the key for forging blades. If the blade is heated too high it will damage the steel or if too low, the steel never goes hard.

Experienced smiths judge the temperature and timing just by the colour of steel and flame which can’t be explained by words.

What one person can make is very limited and it usually takes a few months for the ordered knives to come but it is definitely worth waiting.

Photos courtesy of Gokoo.
Thank you Mr Yamakawa san! 

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