SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Nakiri Carbon Steel 155mm

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SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Nakiri Carbon Steel 155mm


This stunningly beautiful Nakiri knife was handcrafted here in Brisbane by our house knife master Masaaki Saito.
Nakiri is a traditional vegetable cutting knife or can be used as a versatile knife for anything shredding and dicing.

Nakiri knives are very authentic and were widely used as multipurpose knives in the past until Western food culture was introduced.

The wide rectangular blade makes the slicing, shredding and dicing vegetables very easy and cut straight.

We spend time making a fine and thin blade profile so the edge cuts into ingredients like you are cutting soft butter.
1084 high carbon steel is a great knife steel with an amazing edge retention.

The octagonal handle is made from stabilised Northern Silky Oak and it fits comfortably in your hand.

This knife with a rustic finish not only cuts well but also gives a nature’s touch to your kitchen knife collections.

Please note that this knife is made from high carbon steel and it can oxidise ( tarnish or rust ).
A layer of patina will form from daily use which is perfectly normal and will protect blade from red rust or you can maintain by scrubbing the blade with a rust eraser.


Total Length 305mm
Blade Length 155mm
Blade Width 60mm
Blade Thickness 2.5mm
Handle Length 135mm
Weight  215g
Blade Material 1084 High Carbon Steel
Handle Materials Northern Silky Oak
HRC 60

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