SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Bunka Stainless Steel 185mm

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SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Bunka Stainless Steel 185mm


This Bunka knife was handcrafted at here in Brisbane by our in house knife master, Masaaki Saito.

Bunka knives are traditional and Japan’s very first all- rounder knives made by hybridising Nakiri and western style chef knife when western food culture was introduced.

Bunka has a wide face of blade like Nakiri which is handy when slicing, dicing and the acute angled tip works well for delicate tasks.   

The Swedish stainless steel 12C27 is known for their fine structure and has an excellent wear resistance with so the edge stays sharp yet easy to re-sharpen when the edge go blunt.

This knife has a wide blade face ( 58 mm blade width at the heel ) so it cuts smooth and straight with no chance of your knuckle hitting the chopping board.

We used a mystery hardwood ( We believe that it belongs to Acacia family ) collected from North QLD by other knife sharpening legend we know of and Silver Ash ferrule sourced from Northern Rivers NSW.
The smooth, beautifully polished semi octagonal handle fits comfortably whether you are right hand or lefty.

Order this Bunka knife today and feel the sharpness beyond expectations.

Total length  345mm
Blade Length  185mm
Blade Width  58mm
Blade Thickness  2.5mm
Handle Length  140mm
Total Weight  220g
Blade Material  12C27 Stainless Steel
Handle Materials  Australian Hard wood
HRC  60

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