SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Santoku 185mm Stainless Steel

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SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Santoku 185mm Stainless Steel

Santoku is a Japanese style multi purpose knife perfect for home use and busy commercial kitchens where limited work space is available.

This knife has a wide blade face and tall heel that helps cutting ingredients without pushing hard and less pointy tip makes it easy to handle.

The thin, tapered blade has 50:50 universal edge for both hand users and it cut through the ingredients like you are cutting soft butter.

The blade is made of 12C27 Swedish stainless steel known for its fine structure and edge retention.

12C27 has an amazing reputation as a knife steel for the wear resistance and easy maintenance.

The semi octagonal handle is made of Rosewood sourced ethically from northern NSW.

The polished natural wood handle fits in your hand very comfortably and will add a beautiful touch to your kitchen.

Add this rustically handcrafted Santoku to your collection and make your everyday cooking to a joy!  

Total Length 350mm
Blade Length  185mm
Blade Width 60mm
Blade Thickness 2.5mm
Handle Length 140mm
Total Weight 220g
Blade Material 12C27 Swedish Stainless Steel
Handle Material Rosewood Northern NSW
HRC 60

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