Aritsugu Santoku AUS-10 Stainless Steel No Bolster 195mm

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Aritsugu Santoku AUS-10 Stainless Steel No Bolster 195mm

This Aritsugu Santoku has everything you need.

Santoku knife is an all-rounder workhorse that suits both domestic and commercial kitchens with any skill levels.

Santoku has wider blade width than chef knife that helps cutting smoothly without applying pressure.

The thinly tapered blade is perfect for slicing and dicing vegetables or meat and seafood so in short, perfect knife for everything except bones, frozen food or anything extremely hard.

AUS-10 stainless steel is a high quality knife steel with amazing edge retention and the handle is made of Rosewood secured with 3 rivets. 

Aritsugu has more than 400years of history started as sword smith and today, Aritsugu is known as one of the top knife makers in Japan especially within Japanese chefs.

We are very serious about the sharpness of our knives so each knife is hand-sharpened prior to shipping for best performance out of box.

Please wash and dry your knives including stainless steel knives after use and keep in cool dry area to protect your knives from corrosion or possible handle damage.

AUS-10 has similar character to semi carbon steel and may tarnish if not maintained properly.
This knife is not ideal for cutting bones, frozen food or extremely hard fibrous ingredients.

Knife sheath ( Saya ) option

If the knife is kept bare in a box or draw with other knives and utensils, the edge will go blunt in no time.

If you carry the knife to work or have no proper stand, rack etc, we recommend to add the Sheath option to your order to protect your precious knife.

Total Length 310mm
Blade Length 195mm
Blade Width 45mm
Blade Thickness 2mm
Weight 150g
Blade Material AUS-10 Stainless Steel
Handle Materials Rosewood / 3 Rivets
HRC 59-61

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