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Kiritsuke is a traditional Japanese chef knife with an acute angle tip and straighter edge line than Gyuto or European style chef knives.

The sleek body, double bevel straight edge line gives very clean cutting surface when cut with push and pull motions but not so well with rocking motions as tip and heel bumps chopping board loosing pressure.

This knife has Hitachi Blue 2 ( Ao-Ni in Japanese ) high carbon steel with 16 layers of beautiful Damascus patterns.
A good volume of steel at the spine gives decent weight which makes easy to cut through without force and tapered edge promises precise cut and control.

The traditional Japanese style octagonal handle is made of Japanese Big Leaf Magnolia ( Ho wood ) which is naturally antibacterial, capped with water buffalo ferrule.

Aritsugu is one of the most trusted knife makers in Japan with more than 400years of history forging blades started as sword smith then shifted their work to kitchen knives.

This knife is hand sharpened by Masaaki Saito our in-house knife master prior to shipping.

This knife is made of high carbon steel and will rust if not maintained properly.
Please wash and dry completely after use and store in cool dry place.

Please note that this knife is handcrafted and the size, shape or colour may slightly differ from knife to knife.
There may be minor scratches on the blade as neither Aritsugu or we don’t handle the knives as collectables.
The small gap or space between the top of handle and bottom of the blade is called Machi.
Please note that Machi is used to adjust the depth of the blade to the handle and is not a defect.

Total Lenght 395mm
Blade Length 230mm
Blade width 42mm
Blade Thickness 4mm
Weight 230g
Handle Length 150mm
Blade Materials Hitachi Blue2 High Carbon Steel, Soft Iron
Handle Materials Japanese Big Leaf Magonolia, Water Buffalo Horm
Edge Double Bevel, Hand Shepened
HRC 61-63

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