snowy-saito-fillet.jpegI have known Masaaki for the past 10 years both as a fellow chef, and of late, as the supplier and sharpener of my knives.
The knives supplied by Saito knives are simply the finest knives I have ever used. They keep a great edge, look sexy, and perform effortlessly whenever delicate or intricate work is required.
In addition, Masaaki is an eminently wonderful man that I enjoy doing business with. I totally recommend the man and his company.
Steven Snow
Fins restaurant / Fins Plantation House
Salt Village Kingscliff



img-0013.jpgI once believed that every chef should sharpen their own knives. Since Masaaki Saito started sharpening polishing my knives, I have had no intention of ever trying to sharpen my knives by myself. It should be left for a professional like Masaaki!
Kiah Blanco
2013 Master Chef The Professionals



hobart-day-3167.jpgSince meeting Masaaki I have become addicted to Japanese steel. Masaaki's deep knowledge of his product and craft have helped me and my staff navigate and understand the benefits of a tool made with absolute precision and passion.
David Moyle
Former Executive head chef  Peppermint Bay Group and  Franklin


I have bought some knives from Masaaki, been more than happy, very satisfied with them.
They are high quality, well balanced, very comfortable in my hand, and the sharpness lasts for long time.
Masaaki's customer care is amazing too. He contacts me regularly and ask if the knives are alright.
I won’t buy knives from anyone else.  I highly recommend SAITO KNIVES.
Shunichi Tanabe
Owner Chef Cocotte Dining Robina



For superior sharpness, quality & professionalism, we recommend SAITO KNIVES.
Emerald Lakes Golf Club Kitchen Team
Carrara Gold Coast



To anyone looking to use or purchase a knife,
chef-lia.jpgMasaaki is simply the best in the business. A Chef’s knife is the difference between good and great when it comes to the behind the scenes work we do each day. Simply put, nothing great comes from an average knife.
Masaaki’s knives are insanely sharp, keep their edge, and stand out amongst others. Across both of my kitchens all 11 chefs now use his knives, this speaks for itself. It is also necessary to point out that his after purchase service of sharpening with home pick-up & delivery is second to none. A true gentleman and professional in every sense!
I cannot speak highly enough of Masaaki.
Lia Wilson 
PLB Group



Highly recommended, excellent quality knives and sharpening service.
Emmanuel Cabi
Seasalt Pizzeria Ristorante
Salt Village Kingscliff


I've been a chef for past 18 years and in that time I have used many knife sharpening companies and in my professional opinion SAITO KNIVES is the best by far. Masaaki treats each knife individually and with great care. I would highly recommend SAITO KNIVES to anyone who cares about their knives.
Stephen Barry


I have used Masaaki’s knives ever since i started cooking, they are by far, the best knives i have ever had the pleasure to use. I enjoy these knives so much i cannot stop buying them. They are perfectly balanced, extremely sharp and stay sharp for months.
Masaaki’s knife sharpening is absolutely amazing, i could never even imagine to be able to sharpen my knife like he does, He has so much passion in what he does and always with a smile. The entire restaurant is excited when he walks through the doors. Highly Recommended.
Shane Taylor


Having been in hospitality for over 30 years I always sharpened my own knives because that was what you do, but a friend told me about Masaaki and how good he is. I now only let Masaaki sharpen all my knives and am always happy with his skill and professionalism.
Domenic Arena
Former Proprietor The Terrace Espresso Bar
Brunswick Heads


I absolutely love when Masaaki sharpens my knives.  They stay sharp for month on end and are much sharper than I could ever sharpen them.  Masaaki is incredibly efficient picking up the knives and leaving me with replacement knives for the day and then returning my knives the following day.  Masaaki is always friendly and even though I only have to have my knives sharpened three or four times a year (as the knives stay sharp for so long) I always look forward to seeing Masaaki as his manner is so pleasant and his enthusiasm is contagious. 
Veet Karen
Veet`s Cuisine
SAITO KNIVES are without a doubt the number one choice for kick-ass knifesharpening on the Northern Rivers. Masaaki certainly knows knives. I am pretty sure he was a samurai in a past life!
Graeme Stockdale
Owner Chef
The Stockpot Kitchen 
I have known Masaaki for a number of years both in the hospitality industry and out. I have found him to be very friendly, polite and professional at all times. His knife sharpening skills are second to none. My knives are extremely sharp when freshly done and stay sharp for a long time. I can highly recommend Masaaki and his business. 
Dan Trewartha
Head Chef Gaia Retreat



I have known Masaaki Saito for five years, in that time I have had the pleasure and honour of croom-joe2.jpgworking with him. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food, which he is happy to share. He applies himself like a true perfectionist in the kitchen from cleanliness to handling fish. He is extremely inspiring. What sets Masaaki apart from a lot of other amazing Chefs is his full rounded skill set as a Chef which includes handling and maintenance of knives. His appreciation and respect for knives is phenomenal, his knives are designed for an array of different purposes.  He educates and guides you when you are purchasing new equipment.

I have bought many knives from Masaaki and I can proudly say that my knife collection is only Japanese knives from Masaaki now, I have developed this collection over the past five years and cherish each one. Owning these knives is one thing but being able to maintain them is a completely different story, That is where Masaki comes in. His service allows Chefs and their knives to remain in perfect condition and he is extremely efficient. He provides the convenient service at an extremely reasonable price considering the time and energy he spends per knife. Masaaki visited my kitchen fortnightly and maintained the knives as and when they needed it, they are back in twenty four hours.

I recently had the pleasure of having two michelin trained chefs in my kitchen who had their knives sharpened by Masaaki and were in complete awe of his work. I highly recommend Masaki’s knives and the service he provides. I am always impressed with his work and knowledge, we are extremely lucky to have such a talented Chef/ Japanese knife expert in the Northern rivers.
Joseph Griffin
Joe Chef / Friday hut Dining


Masaaki has been Sharpening all my knives for the past 3 years. He does an amazing job and with over 14 years in the hospitality game I have never seen the quality of workmanship that he offers.  He delivers a great service and comes highly recommended from myself. I have purchased a Sashimi knife off him as well and its one of my favourite knives to date. I recommend his services highly for any Chef looking for a Knife Sharpener. 
Sam Garde
Elements of Byron, Byron Bay



In all my time spent as a chef I have never come across anyone who is as meticulous, passionate and professional as Masaaki when it comes to sharpening knives. I don't trust my knives with anyone else.
William Ennis  
Owner chef Italian At The Pacific, Main Street Burger Bar
Byron Bay


Have been using SAITO KNIVES knife sharpening service for as long as its been operating for. Masaaki Saito knows chefs are very particular about their knives and treats them with the up most professional care and respect. General sharpening, restoration or repairs and Masaaki has his own range of quality hand made imported knives from Japan. I would highly recommend SAITO KNIVES to anyone. He's become a local legend around chefs in Byron Bay and beyond. Thanks You.
Jody Hollis
Head Chef The Riv Bar & Bistro Murwillumbah


I have been getting my knives sharpened by Masaaki for 5 years now and I couldn't be happier. His professionalism and workmanship is top class, once he is finished with my knives they are sharper than when I bought them. I have also purchased knives from Masaaki before, which I know will last me a lifetime.
Shane Morrit
Head Chef Beach Hotel
Byron Bay


“Just received my scissors back from Masaaki and was really impressed. Usually, I have to send them away but having someone local who really knows sharpening is a real time saver.
Great job Masaaki thank you”.
Antony Bates
Mullet hair Lennox Head


The only way to get your knives sharpened, very professional service, knives stay sharp longer, and have a razor sharp edge when sharpened by Masaaki.
Ali Matricardi
Owner Chef Quattro Lennox Head


adam-fleurs.jpgMy name is Adam Smith I am the head chef at Fleurs in Ballina. I have been cooking for 28 years and have never had a more professional knife sharpening company than Saito knives. I highly recommend this business for any home or professional chef.
Adam Smith


Absolute professional! Masaaki is a well-known and respected individual who always ensures you knives are performing at their best. Masaaki also has a beautiful range of Japanese knives that are made from the highest quality steel from one of the best knife makers at an affordable price. A rare find indeed! I highly recommend SAITO KNIVES to any professional who wants the best.
Jasmine Broad



It is always such a pleasure to deal with Saito Knives- they epitomise professional service with integrity, style and excellent customer service that is rare to find! I would recommend their products and services to anyone that appreciates quality and the longevity of their products.
Daniela Payne
Lennox Head


I recently purchased a Aritsugu Chef's Knife -- Japanese handle -- from Saito Knives.
Before purchase, I had some questions of Masaaki. 
These were all answered to my satisfaction and I had a high degree of confidence with Masaaki, not only his knowledge but in the man himself.
The knife arrived as promised. It is as sharp as a razor, and does a great job on meat (carving the roast), on fruit and vegetables. It is my first Japanese knife, and I am so pleased with my decision to purchase, and to purchase through Saito Knives.
Bruce Connery
“I purchased a simple Chinese chopper off the internet from a "Japanese knife expert" and was very disappointed when it arrived with a dull blade. My search for a sharpening service led me to Saito Knives. I also became interested in the knives that were offered on his website. Being just a home cook who was tired of dull knives, I made some inquiries with Masaaki and he is very helpful in answering questions and providing information. And so I sent my chopper for sharpening and also purchased a Santoku. Both were shipped  to me with a mirror edge on them the likes of which I have never seen before. The whole experience of dealing with Saito Knives I would rate as an 11 out of 10 and I am happy to offer my testimonial to the other ones already on his site."
Mike Glatt
Perth WA

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