Sharpening Tips

SAITO KNIVES' Professional Knife Sharpening Service

We offer a unique knife sharpening service using a variety of whet stones. All knives are sharpened professionally by Japanese knife expert Masaaki Saito.
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Knife Sharpening Basics

Learning knife sharpening needs a lot of practice but with patience, it can be done by anyone.
Although there are many different ways of sharpening knives, the concept behind successful sharpening is always the same.   Whilst sharpening knives is a relatively simple procedure, developing a good technique requires a lot of practice to master. To sharpen your knives efficiently you may need to have 3 stones with different grids.
    •    A coarse stone (#200-#240 ) to repair chips and the edge of a damaged blade.
    •    A medium grit stone (#1000- #1200) to create a base edge.
    •    A finishing stone (#4000+) to create a razor-sharp, mirror polished edge.





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