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Deba knife from Gokoo for fish filleting.
This authentic Deba knife has a large, single surface of edge on one side and hollow ground ( concave ) on the other side.This shape is the secret for the sharpness of traditional style Japanese knives as the hollow side helps flow the ingredient while edge side separates the cut ingredient.
Unlike western boning knives, Japanese boning knives, especially Deba is made from solid steel as we cut through bones, heads and all part of fish to create beautiful, tasty dishes.
If you are new to Japanese style single bevel knives, it may be foreign to your hand the first couple of goes but most of our customers using Deba have fallen in love with them and won’t go back to skinny flexible boning knives. 
The core knife blade is Japanese Gold stainless steel forged with 8 Chrome - Vanadium stainless steel.
Each blade has a unique wavy pattern called Kasumi from forging 2 types of metals together.
The handle is of Ho - Wood ( Japanese Big Leaf Magnolia ) capped with Water Buffalo horn ferrule at the top. Ho Wood has light weight, naturally antibacterial and increases grips when wet.
This authentic Deba knife is handcrafted with love, pride and may be some scratches from the knife master.
Size, weight and colour of ferrule may differ slightly from knife to knife and the maker's mark on some knives are thin.
This knife is for right hander and each knife is sharpened by hand using whet stones prior to shipping for full performance. 


Total length 330mm
Blade length 180mm
Blade width 55mm
Blade thickness 7mm
Weight 320g
Edge Single bevel for right hand
Blade Gold Kasumi forged with 8 Chrome - Vanadium stainless steel
Handle Round Ho Wood  ( Japanese Big Leaf Magnolia ), Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule
HRC 60-61

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