before-rust-remove.jpg  after-rust-remove.jpg

This classic old school was a bit rusty.
I started with Sun Tiger # 240 to create an edge, King # 1200 to smooth it up, Then, Shapton # 5000 for the first polish, scrubbed the surface with a rust eraser and finish with Shapton #12000.
Now the knife is super sharp and clean  as new.


shun-before.jpg  shun-after.jpg

This Shun knife had massive chunks missing from the original blade.
The owner was worried about the knife losing the original outline.
It was a very happy ending as the knife came back just a little smaller but kept the same shape and it was done for no extra charge.


before-bread-knife-close.jpg   after-bread-knife-close.jpg

Watch out!!! I've got sharp teeth! This bread knife had no teeth at all when I received.
There are 2 options for fixing blunt bread knife.
One is to take off the serrated edge and make a flat edge to use as a slicer.
Two is to create new teeth to keep using as a bread knife.
The new edge is super sharp and has no trouble slicing loaves of breads.


beforea.png  aftera2.png

Oops! this chef knife was snapped from approx 1 / 4 from tip and the owner was about to throw it  out. I ground off the back of the blade with Sun Tiger #120 to make it into Santoku shape then put a new edge with Sun Tiger #240 and  moved up to King # 1200, Shapton  #5000. then finished with Shapton #12000.
Now the knife started its new life as a Santoku.


before-c2.png  afterc.png

This Masamoto paring knife was very rusty as well as being blunt.
I started sharpening with Sun Tiger #240 to make a tapered edge then moved up to King #1200, Shapton #5000. Before finishing, The blade was scrubbed with rust eraser to get rid of rust, then finished with Shapton #12000.
The polished  blade is incredibly beautiful.


beforeb.png  afterb-and-up.png

This is another repair work of snapped tip but this wasn't too bad. I created the new outline with Shapton #120. The typical humped heel of German knife was removed too to make the rocking action easier.   The new edge was created with Sun Tiger #240 and  moved up to King #1200, Shapton  #5000. then finished with Shapton #12000. Now the pointy tip is back again with a sharp and balanced edge.



Aritsugu Knives
From left, Paring ( utility ), Garasuki ( boning ), Santoku ( multi purpose ), Gyuto ( chefs ) 3 types, Yanagiba ( sashimi ), Deba ( fish ), Sushikiri ( sushi cutting )



Togen Masahisa knives
From left, Santoku, ( multi purpose ), Gyuto ( chef ), Sujihiki ( slicer ) two types, Yanagiba ( sashimi ) and Sakudori ( Tuna knife ).



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