10th Mar 2014

Sometimes my customers wonder if I ever mistaken knives and mix up with someone else's.

Fortunately, these errors have never happened so far.

When I sharpen knives, I go through a butch in one go.

That's because every time I change stones, ( 4~5 different grits ) I have to wash hands to get rid of grains from previous stone.

If I sharpen with grains from previous courser stone on my hands or on knife, the grains are then carried on to the next stone and leave scratch marks on the blade especially in polishing process.

So, I lay a butch of 10 plus knives and sharpen them all in each stage and it saves time, water and my skin getting too thin from scrubbing too much.

I write customer's name on the blade when I pick up their knives but usually, they get washed off during sharpening.

Still, I can remember who each knife belongs to and I kept thinking that I have a great memory until one day...

That my wife pointed out that there will be a serious issue with my brain if I can't identify each knife after staring for 40 ~50 mins in total per knife.

It was a shock that I had to admit my memory not being great but I think my real ability is the love and passion for sharpening I can still feel even after 10 hours of intense sharpening.

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