1st Apr 2014

There are hundreds of knives from different makers available in the global market these days.

It must be hard for user to decide what type of knife from which maker to choose from.

Looks? Feel in your hand? Having a good reputation? Off course price too is an important factor when it come to buy a new knife..

When I was a sushi chef back in Japan, I always liked handcrafted knives because they are simply good and I knew that they were made with love.

They look very simple but once I am used to them, they are more like a part of my hand.

If you hold these beauties, you will notice that each knife is unique to the others and there is slight difference in shape, weight and balance etc even they are in same size.

Like shaping surfboards, now knife makers use machines and computers to produce more in shorter time.

Some makers can make 1000 knives all exactly same while the other end can only make 5 a day at most.

I have used some of the mass produced knives myself in the past but never felt right in my hand.

Hand crafted knives are usually more expensive but if you use it everyday for the next ten years and if it makes your life easier, then it might be worth going for.

Hand crafted knives often have little scratch or hammer marks and may not as shiny  as those mass produced but I believe that knives are tools for cutting ingredients and are never intended to be hang on the wall.

In the end, sharpness and durability that all matters.     

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