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about-masaaki-.jpgSAITO KNIVES is an importer of quality handcrafted Japanese cooking knives, sharpening stones and cooking tools as well as providing sharpening service.

SAITO KNIVES was established in 2007 in Lennox Head, Northern NSW as KITCHEN SAITO and from 2013, started under new name SAITO KNIVES.

At SAITO KNIVES, each knives sold are hand sharpened before being despatched.
Knives brought into here for repairing too are carefully hand sharpened to the finest state they ever get and that's what makes SAITO KNIVES unique for.

Proprietor Masaaki Saito is a Japanese knife specialist with 25 years of experience handling knives.
Masaaki was a Tokyo trained sushi chef and worked in Japan's top class sushi restaurant for many years.
Masaaki has used all types of Japanese Knives through his work and hobby and has gained knowledge of how to handle and care for them.

Our belief is that knives are tools and not art collections on the wall.
They need to be sharp to cut ingredients without fuss.
All the knives here are simply made to work hard and that's what fussy Japanese professionals love about.

SAITO KNIVES is not the biggest and never aimed to be but always provide the the best products and services.

Contact detail 

e-mail: info@saitoknives.com.au
Phone: 0431 428 507
Postal: PO Box 53 Lennox Head NSW 2478 AUSTRALIA


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