Aritusugu Sashimi knife - AUS-10 Stainless steel 240mm~

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Aritusugu Sashimi knife - AUS-10 Stainless steel 240mm~

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Sashimi knife ( known as Yanagi ) is a thin skinny knife specially designed for slicing sashimi from loin of fish or meat. It has one large surface of edge on one side and a concave on the other to make the blade super sharp and ingredients to flow easily along the blade. AUS-10 is a top quality stainless knife steel with amazing edge retention and yet, it is easy to maintain. Handle is made from Japanese big leaf Magnolia which is naturally antiseptic, capped with Water Buffalo horn ring.   Aritsugu is known as one of the 2 best knife makers in Japan and has more than 400 years history.
Each knife is hand sharpened and edge mirror polished before being dispatched.  Mirror polished edge is surprisingly sharp and blade stays sharp for long time.
With sharp yanagi and knife skills, Japanese chefs slice paper thin transparent sashimi that you can see through the pattern of china underneath. The blade may tarnish if not maintained properly. This knife is for right hander and the length of the blade is measured from tip to the top of the handle and not to the heel of the blade.

HRC: 59-61


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