SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Sujihiki 255mm

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SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki  Sujihiki  255mm


This Sujihiki Slicing knife is handcrafted by our proprietor Masaaki Saito here in Aspley, north side of Brisbane.

Sujihiki is a thin, long Japanese slicing knife originally used by butchers for breaking down loins, trimming sinews and portioning.

Sujihiki is now used for variety of tasks including cutting steaks, fish portions, carving roasts or slicing Carpaccio and cured fish like smoked salmons.

The blade is made of reliable RWL34 stainless steel and has thin 50/50 universal edge.

RWL34 is an amazing knife steel with very long edge retention and easy maintenance makes this knife a perfect workhorse. 

The octagonal handle is made of Teak, topped with Ironbark ferrule, both from Northern Rivers NSW.
Beautifully polished timber handle suits for both hands and gives amazing grip / feels.

This knife is one and only, uniquely handcrafted by knife master Masaaki Saito from blade to handle.

Total length


Blade length


Blade width


Blade thickness




Blade material

RWL34 Stainless Steel
Handle Material  Teak/Ironbark
Handle length 140mm
HRC                  60

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