SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Kiritsuke 230mm Stainless Steel with Saya

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SAITO KNIVES By Masaaki Kiritsuke 230mm Stainless Steel with Saya

This Kiritsuke knife with a Western twist was handcrafted by our proprietor /  in-house knife master Masaaki Saito here in Brisbane.

Kiritsuke is an authentic Japanese chef knife commonly used by professionals before western style chef knives were introduced.

Like any other trends that come and go, Kirttuke or K-tip by other name are regaining the popularity once again and more than ever.

While very traditional Kiritsuke has single bevel with straight blade, this knife has European style handle and tapered double bevel with a nice curve to meet the western style cutting motions and knife skills.
This knife has a medium weight 265g that helps cutting effortlessly without you pushing the blade .

12C27 stainless steel is an amazing knife steel with great edge retention and hardness.
The handle is made from Spotted Gum secured with 3 brass pins and the polished natural timber handle gives you a very comfortable grips that none of the artificial materials can.

This knife comes with a matching saya cover ( timber knife sheath ) to protect the blade from unwanted damages.

Total Length 360mm
Blade Length 230mm
Blade Width 50mm
Blade Thickness 2.5mm
Weight 265g (Without Saya )
Blade Material 12C27 Stainless Steel
Handle Material Spotted Gum, Brass Pins
HRC 60+

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