King Sharpening Stone #1200 - 207mm x 66mm x 34mm

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King Sharpening Stone #1200 - 207mm x 66mm x 34mm

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207x 66x34 mm

Best medium grit sharpening stone available in the market.
King Brand has highest reputation for medium grit whet stones within Japanese chefs.
#1200 is used to create an edge and repair small chips.
Fast sharpening without taking too much.
Large size with weight gives you stable and comfortable long stroke sharpening.
Easy to use and care and works well on both stainless and carbon steels.
For the best result, use #800-#1200 to create an edge, #5000 for the first polish then # 8000 to finish for carbon steel knives or #12000 for stainless steel knives.

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