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Sujihiki is a long thin Japanese style slicer originally used by butchers for trimming sinews, breaking down loins and portioning.
Sujihiki is now widely used for more variety of tasks like slicing carpaccio, smoked salmons and carving roasts.
This Sujihiki has thin convex shape and has beautiful outline made from high quality Japanese carbon steel carefully forged by knife master Mr Yoshito Yamakawa.
The handle is made of durable and tough Black Pakka wood.
Gokoo is a small artisan knife smith of Japan Traditional Crafts officially designated by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Gokoo’s knives have also been listed as Chiba Prefecture’s Traditional Crafts for more than a decade and their sought after knives are exclusively available here in Australia from SAITO KNIVES.
Each knife is hand sharpened and edge mirror polished before being dispatched.  Mirror polished edge is surprisingly sharp and blade stays sharp for long time. 
This knife is made from high carbon steel and may rust if not maintained properly.
Please wash / dry completely and keep in cool dry area after use.
A grey layer of patina forms over the surface of blade but this is perfectly normal, harmless and it will protect the steel from further rusting.
If you wish to keep the blade shiny, you can remove the rust by scrubbing the blade with a Rust Eraser
This knife is hand crafted with love, pride and there may be some scratches from Mr Yamakawa’s hammer works.
Weight, length and shape may be slightly different from knife to knife.
240mm Knife

Total length 370mm
Blade length 240mm
Blade width 35mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Weight 180g
Blade  High Carbon Steel
HRC 60

270mm Knife

Total length 410mm
Blade length 270mm
Blade width 43mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Weight 225g
Blade  High Carbon Steel
HRC 60

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