GOKOO Santoku Tsuchime Carbon Steel Cladded in Stainless 180mm

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GOKOO Santoku Tsuchime Carbon Steel Cladded in Stainless 180mm

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Multipurpose knife from Gokoo.

Santoku is a name for this type of  all round short knife with wider blade.  It is a great shape and size for home use and for use during service in busy professional kitchens. The blade has unique, beautiful hammered finish that prevents ingredients from sticking to the blade. The core Yasuki white 1 carbon steel is cladded in stainless steel to make the maintenance easy while keeping the sharpness of carbon steel edge.  In fact, once you experienced the sharpness and long durability of carbon steel, it is hard to go backwards.  Finely sharpened carbon steel edge just simply perform too well.  Tapered edge is perfect for shredding, slicing, and dicing vegetables, meat and fish.  This knife is rustic and has a good balanced weight.
Each knife is hand sharpened and edge mirror polished before being despatched.  Mirror polished edge is surprisingly sharp and blade stays sharp for long time. 
Please note that core carbon steel edge line would rust if not maintained properly. Please wash and dry completely and store in dry place after use. A gray coat of patina form over the carbon steel edge and it is perfectly normal, harmless and to protect the blade from rust. 
This product is handcrafted.  Length, weight,  colour  and shape may be slightly different from knife to knife.

Total length 310mm
Blade length 180mm
Weight        190g
Blade width 52mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Blade Yasuki Shiro ( white ) 1 core cladded in stainless
Handle Pakka wood
HRC 60

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