GOKOO Honesuki Carbon Steel 150mm

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GOKOO Honesuki Carbon Steel 150mm

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Honesuki is a small Japanese boning knife originally designed for cleaning poultry and can be used for boning beef, pork, lamb or fish as well.

This Honesuki is handmade by knife master Mr Yamakawa using solid high carbon steel.
Hi-carbon steel knife forged by experienced craftsman gives superior sharpness and durability.
This double beveled Honesuki has a very pointy tip for trimming / boning and strong heel to cut through bones.   
The durable Black Pakka Wood is resin treated pressed wood and is water resistant.
Gokoo is a small artisan blacksmith in Chiba prefecture.  Knives from Gokoo are listed on Chiba Prefectural Traditional Crafts.
This knife is made from high carbon steel and may rust if not cared properly.  Please wash and dry completely and keep in dry area after use. A grey coat of patina forms over the surface of blade and it is perfectly normal, harmless and protect the blade from red rust. You can remove the rust by scrubbing the blade with a Rust Eraser.
This knife is handcrafted with love, pride and maybe some scratches from Mr Yamakawa’s hammer works. Weight, length, and shape may be slightly different from knife to knife. 
Total length 265mm
Blade length  150mm
Blade width 44mm
Blade thickness 2.3mm


Blade  High carbon steel
Handle Black Pakka Wood
HRC   60

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