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Will this be your new knife?

Gokoo Nakiri Tsuchime 165mm Carbon steel cladded in stainless $230Masaaki and SAITO KNIVES are glad to introduce the new Nakiri ( Vegetable knife ) from Gokoo.Nakiri translates to " Vegetable cutter " and as the name suggest, it shows amazing performance when used for Fruits & Vegetables.Its wide surface makes it super easy to slice, [...]

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        Since I have started sharpening as a part of business in 2007, I have sharpened almost 10,000 knives. Because I do hand sharpening with whet stones spending 40~50 mins per knife, it's a fair bit of hours facing knives.My first ever sharpening was, as far as I can remember, when [...]

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                                                                                                            GOKOO                                                                                                   KIKUMITSU New line up of knives are finally [...]

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         FINS and SAITO KNIVES hosted a food focused Japanese dinner event of 6 course degustation with matching Sake on 12 th July 2014.  Steven Snow ( Snowy ),  owner chef of Australia's iconic seafood restaurant  and I share great passions for seafood ( My dream at age of 4 was to [...]

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Masaaki and Snowy, owner chef of Australia's iconic seafood restaurant, FINS are working together now for one off Japanese dinner event on 11th July Friday.It will be 6 course degustation and there will be beef, prawns, duck and off course, sushi.Please contact FINS RESTAURANT  on 02 6674 4833 for enquiry.Hope to see you at FINS [...]

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In my recent trip back to Japan, I visited some knife makers. As a knife geek, it is always great to catch up with the makers and see hundreds of knives. In Japan, knife craftsmen are struggling to find heirs or successors and many decide to close the business when they retire. It is very sad but [...]

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Sushi or Bait?

I recently made sushi for an occasion.When making sushi, especially away from Japan where sushi is originated, the hardest thing is to organize ingredients.You can buy sashimi quality Tuna, Snapper and maybe Prawns but not so many varieties around.So basically, if you are not happy with Avocado or Teriyaki Chicken rolls, you have to gather [...]

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There are hundreds of knives from different makers available in the global market these days.It must be hard for user to decide what type of knife from which maker to choose from.Looks? Feel in your hand? Having a good reputation? Off course price too is an important factor when it come to buy a new [...]

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Sometimes my customers wonder if I ever mistaken knives and mix up with someone else's.Fortunately, these errors have never happened so far.When I sharpen knives, I go through a butch in one go.That's because every time I change stones, ( 4~5 different grits ) I have to wash hands to get rid of grains from [...]

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New line up

KIKUMITU SANTOKU Hammered Finish Stainless Steel 170mmWe are glad to introduce our new line up KIKUMITSU.KIKUMITSU is a small artisan knife maker from Chiba, just an hour or so east of Tokyo by train. They pride themselves by forging knives using traditional methods and skills that was used for sword making in the past. Their [...]

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