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BRISBANE Sharpening round


Our very first Brisbane sharpening round is coming up on next Saturday 28th July pick up and Wednesday 1st August delivery.
If you work/ live in Brisbane city or near M1 exits between city to Gold Coast and struggling with blunt knives, please contact us to book in for Masaaki’s visits.
All knives are hand sharpened and polished using Japanese whetstones.
Please check our website’s sharpening service page for prices etc.
Look forward to meeting you soon!!
Photo courtesy of Brisbane based photographer Bryan Nielsen @nielsens__photography .

Is your knife sharp?

Is your knife sharp?

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Newsletter has started

Newsletter has started!!! Please subscribe on our website if you wish to receive the news.

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 There are many different ways and methods of making Japanese knives.Many large companies use modern technology and computer programmed machines to manufacture knives.Our knives, however, are made by small artisan craftsmen using traditional tools and methods that have been handed down generations.Traditional knife making is time-consuming and not profitable at all.Making of a knife involves [...]

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 Japanese knives have become super popular these days and it seems that every chef and serious home cook own collection of beautiful Japanese knives. Although there are so many different types of knives like Deba, Sashimi, or even Eel knife depending on each tasks, one that is most commonly used would be Santoku knives.So [...]

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There are trends in knives like everything else and I am curious to see what style of knives come big next.If you walk around outside or flicking through the websites, you will notice that so many trends for say, fashion, hairstyles or food come and go.Dining in restaurants and cafes for instance, almost every dish [...]

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    I love my tools, especially knives. When I was a chef, I used to use many different knives according to the ingredient. Cleaning fish, for instance, there were 270mm Deba just for taking head of large fish off, 210mm for filleting large fish, 150mm for filleting small fish and 120mm for filleting [...]

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      I sharpen an average of 50-60 knives a week and deliver to the customers.When I visit customers, I notice that some people maintain the edge for surprisingly long time while the edges from some others are completely rounded and gone. Obviously, there is a very simple rule applies that the more you use [...]

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A Knife Story By Snowy And Ocean Road Magazine

      Our knives and sharpening service were mentioned in the Autumn edition of Ocean Road Magazine, a multiple award winning life style magazine from Gold Coast.Steven Snow, the owner chef of Fins Restaurant or known as a celebrity chef Snowy tells you about what's going on in the industry of knife making. [...]

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