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This Kanto style Takohiki sashimi knife slices any boneless loins of seafood or meat for sashimi, sushi and carpaccio etc etc.
The name Takohiki ( Some people call it Takobiki ) is translated Octopus slicer but is not designed, intended for slicing Octopuses but you can guess how hard to thin- slice Octopus with a blunt knife… 
The shape of the blade resembles Tanto or Katana of samurai sword but the difference is that this knife has single bevel and is used for cooking of course!
The cutting edge is of Yasuki Blue 2 ( Ao ni  ) high carbon steel and is forged with 8 layers of soft irons to create a beautiful patterns of Damascus.
This knife is designed for right hander so it has a large face of bevel on right side and a hollow ground ( concave ) at the left side. 
The blade length for Japanese sashimi knife is measured from tip of the knife to “ Machi “ the edged corner above the handle and is not the blade length so the actual blade length is around 320mm.
The traditional style handle is made from Japanese Magnolia which is naturally antiseptic, capped with Water Buffalo horn ferrule.
This light weight handle gain grips when wet with water. 
Aritsugu is known as one of the 2 best knife makers in Japan and has more than 450 years of history forging swords originally then and all sort of knives.
Each knife is hand sharpened using traditional Japanese sharpening techniques and cutting edge mirror polished before being despatched.
This knife is forged with high carbon steel and it will rust if not maintained properly. 
Please wash, dry thoroughly and store in cool dry place after use.  A grey coat of patina forms over the carbon steel edge but it is perfectly normal, harmless and it protects the blade from further rusting. 
The rust on the blade can be removed by scrubbing the blade with a Rust eraser.
This is a handcrafted knife and the size, weight or colour may slightly differ from knife to knife.
This knife come with a matching wooden saya sheath.
The cover protects your knife from collision with other hard things.
Sheath is made from Japanese big leaf Magnolia which is naturally antiseptic.
Total Length 485mm
Blade Length 325mm
Blade Thickness  4.5mm
Width  31.5mm
Weight 255g
Blade  Yasuki Ao Ni core with 8 layers Damascus
Handle D-shape Japanese Magnolia with Water Buffalo horn ferrule 
HRC  61-63

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