Aritsugu Garasuki - Carbon steel 165mm ~

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Aritsugu Garasuki - Carbon steel 165mm ~

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Garasuki is a thick and heavy weight Japanese boning knife used for cleaning poultry, Pork Beef, lamb and even fish.
It has triangle shape with a straight single bevel.
The pointy tip is perfect for trimming and big heel is to cut through the bones.
Best quality Hitachi Carbon steel is carefully forged by experienced craftsmen.
 Aritsugu is known as one of the 2 best knife makers in Japan with more than 400 years history.
Each knife is hand sharpened and edge mirror polished before being despatched.  Mirror polished edge is surprisingly sharp and blade stays sharp for long time. The blade may rust if not maintained properly


Knife sheath 

If the knife is kept unwrapped in a box or draw with other tools, there is no chance that you can keep your precious knife sharp.
This cover protects your knife from collision with other hard things.
Sheath is made from Japanese big leaf Magnolia which is naturally antiseptic.
We  recommend to order Saya case together with knife as often,they don't fit each other if you order a case separately.

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